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Snow is falling

December 5, 2012
Hey loves! How are you doing lately? 
I hope you didn't get cold these days:) 
What about me, I have been busy today with work and university, 
and still, there is plenty of things I have to do,
 and exams are coming like crazy!(booo for that)
 So I get back home late today, but I really want to show you guys my todays outfit! 
The evening is just amazing!(buuut sorry for poor quality pictures!! )
And finally snow is here :) are you excited for the first snow fall? 

So in this look I'm just wearing black tights, 
black blouse, black coat, my lovely black shoes(i'm so loving them!) 
and dark red skirt :)
Tell me in comments what you think about this look :)
See you soon, Inna :*

Clutch Bag Obsession

November 26, 2012

Hey guys! 
Today I will talk about clutch bags. In the last few months I’ve noticed that these goodies has been loved so much! I have seen them in every fashion magazine, clothes shops and so on. There is  plenty of different styles, sizes, shapes and colors of these bags. 
What I love about them is that you can wear it whenever  you want. So I have been thinking about buying one for myself, but I can’t choose! There are to many of them and I want all of them! I really like small ring clutches and super big light color ones. The smallest ones you can wear going to the party, club or something, the bigger clutch bags - every single day!  
So I’m posting pictures of clutches I really like and can you guys help me choose one? 

Waiting for your comments!
Love, Inna.  :)xx

Burgundy Love

November 25, 2012
Hey guys! Sorry that it took me so long to post a new look, but I've been busy lately, because finally I have a part time job ( yaay it means more money and more clothes : ). 
As you all know autumn is leaving us but finally winter is comming ! I am really excited about upcoming christmas and  new year ! But there is one thing I don't like about winter - coldness! I am forced to wear my winter coat, because it's getting super cold in Lithuania.Burgundy was the color on the fall runways and it's going to be the color for winter as well. So I am wearing burgundy blouse, blach pants and black cardigan and studded scarf which I love so much! So enough talk let's take a look !


I hope you guys like it and tell me in comments what you think about this look :) 
Love Inna.

Simple but fabulous

October 26, 2012
Hello everyone!
It's finally officially weekend! So today I went to a sewing shop. 
I bought some studds for my next post which will be "DIY studded bow tie" . 
I'm so excited about that! I'm hoping that it will look gorgeous! 
And I really want to finish it as soon as possible and share with you guys :) 
So talking about my outfit today, I have choosen comfortable but trendy outfit.
 In this outfit I'm wearing my bright blue jeans from Bershka, 
black blouse ( I don't remember where it's from ), 
black jacket, black scarf from Primark ( the scarf has studds on it, 
but unfortunately you can't see them in pictures ), 
my black high heel shoes which I love to death are from London, 
I don't really remember the name of the store, but the brand is Truffle. 
And last but not least, since it's getting really cold in Lithuania, 
I'm wearing my cream color coat which is absolutelly adorable :) 
So I hope you guys will like it and lets have a look : 

And I almost forgot about my snake or puma ring. It's from Lyndex and I love it!

Love you all,

P.s sorry for the poor quality photos! 

Rock Your Body

October 24, 2012

Okay, I think all of you knows that weird mood, when you want to express yourself through clothes.
Basically when you want to stand out you are trying to change your style, dress up like never before, or just doing that by adding some accessories.
So as you may tell, my second outfit is all about expressing yourself. What's important, don't be afraid of what other people may think about you. 
Be brave, be yourself!

In this look I'm wearing: Bershka leggings, ZARA denim jacket, Primark lace body blouse.

I hope you guys like it, and see you soon :)
Love, Inna.

I Love Autumn

October 23, 2012
Autumn or Fall is a gorgeous time of year. Nature gives us a spectacular show of colour and richness to enjoy before we are plunged in to winter. And I can say, that Fall is one of my favourite times of the year, I love just the colours of Autumn and all the leaves on the floor, I think it is so pretty and gorgeous! So basically this my very first look is inspired by the Fall...
 So in this look I'm wearing my Bershka leggings with golden colour zippers, my lovely shoes from Zara (they are like 2 years old, byt still good looking! ), cozy sweater from Primark, and green chiffon shirt.
My silk scarw is from Primark as well.
So all in all, I can say that I trully love autumn! I hope you all are happy and excited as I am :)
See you soon,

Love Inna.
October 3, 2012

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October 2, 2012

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