Simple but fabulous

October 26, 2012
Hello everyone!
It's finally officially weekend! So today I went to a sewing shop. 
I bought some studds for my next post which will be "DIY studded bow tie" . 
I'm so excited about that! I'm hoping that it will look gorgeous! 
And I really want to finish it as soon as possible and share with you guys :) 
So talking about my outfit today, I have choosen comfortable but trendy outfit.
 In this outfit I'm wearing my bright blue jeans from Bershka, 
black blouse ( I don't remember where it's from ), 
black jacket, black scarf from Primark ( the scarf has studds on it, 
but unfortunately you can't see them in pictures ), 
my black high heel shoes which I love to death are from London, 
I don't really remember the name of the store, but the brand is Truffle. 
And last but not least, since it's getting really cold in Lithuania, 
I'm wearing my cream color coat which is absolutelly adorable :) 
So I hope you guys will like it and lets have a look : 

And I almost forgot about my snake or puma ring. It's from Lyndex and I love it!

Love you all,

P.s sorry for the poor quality photos! 

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  1. Super batukai! :))

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