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Snow is falling

December 5, 2012
Hey loves! How are you doing lately? 
I hope you didn't get cold these days:) 
What about me, I have been busy today with work and university, 
and still, there is plenty of things I have to do,
 and exams are coming like crazy!(booo for that)
 So I get back home late today, but I really want to show you guys my todays outfit! 
The evening is just amazing!(buuut sorry for poor quality pictures!! )
And finally snow is here :) are you excited for the first snow fall? 

So in this look I'm just wearing black tights, 
black blouse, black coat, my lovely black shoes(i'm so loving them!) 
and dark red skirt :)
Tell me in comments what you think about this look :)
See you soon, Inna :*