Hello October

October 1, 2013

The weather is changing really fast, with each day it’s getting colder and colder. And it just happened that it’s time to change not only for weather, but for myself too. After the summer with other people help ( probably I should say one person help ) I realized a lot. To be honest, I saw myself as a person I don’t want to be. In my life I hurt a lot of people. I didn’t cared about their feelings, wishes, I was just a selfish person, that cared only about myself. I took people in advantage, I pushed them away from me, when everything what they wanted was to help me. But now, when this my behavior hurt people that I didn’t meant to hurt, I told to myself It’s time for huge changes. I did too many things that I regret now. I didn’t realized that by doing bad decisions I can lose people that I really care. All the time I was running away from problems, I didn’t wanted to face them.  And now it is time for me to admit all my mistakes, everything that I did wrong, everything that I lied about. What else, I never thought about the consequences, I was just doing everything what was on my mind. And I crossed some lines… And I know that I can not change my attitude, my personality over one night, but I will work for it really hardly, because it’s my goal now, goal to become a better person. So I don’t know how many people that I hurt are reading this, but I just wanted to say a HUGE sorry, for hurting, for not carrying about your feelings, wishes… I will say sorry to every one of you in person. I will ask for apology. That’s the first small step to becoming a better person. So for the end, I just want to ask each of you to sit and think about the mistakes that you did… Maybe you will want to say sorry for someone too? We are learning from our mistakes, but it’s one million times better to learn from other peoples mistakes. I learned my mistakes in the hardest way. Learn from my mistake, don’t play with people guys.. Just stop and think, be the best that you can be. I wish you all cozy and warm October and see you guys soon!

 Inna ;*


3 comments on "Hello October "
  1. Žavinga. :)


  2. Visi mes galim buti geresni zmones, svarbiausia pripazinti savo klaidas ir is ju mokintis. Darbas su savimi, savo mintimis yra sunkiausias, bet labai norint ir tikint savimi, viskas imanoma, zinoma, po truputi. Tad sekmes!! Grazus rudeninis derinukas! :)

  3. gorgeous outfit - i love that necklace!