Sweats & Furs

October 23, 2014

First of all, I am super excited to tell, that today is my blog 2 years birthday! Hip hip hoorray ! I am really happy to see how my blog changed through the years, how it grew up and how many new and amazing things it brought to my life, how it actually changed my life! So seeing this is just making me to go forward and do even better! I am so thankful to all my followers, readers and even haters, because their hate makes me do, what I want to do even more! And with all my heart I hope that Inna's Corner will grow up even more. Getting to the outfit - since it is so cold lately I couldn't say no to my fur vest, because it keeps me warm and gives this cozy look to the outfit. I paired it with my leather jacket and underneath I wore my lovely white sweater. This burberry scarf I got as a gift some long time ago, but I didn't really wore it, but with this outfit I thought it would go perfectly. So I hope you will like this outfit and the pictures ! Wishing you all warm days and see you soon! 

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