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Winter accessories

November 26, 2014

Hello guys, it is me again! Finally I found some time to post here. I felt so bad seeing my blog empty.. But since I started to work, I don't really have much time. Anyways, I will try to shoot more during the breaks between studies so I could show you my outfits more often. And I guess I will find some nice inside place, because it is really getting to cold to shoot outside!! The wind was super strong and cold, but I guess it is normal, its almost winter and there is even little bit of snow left! So because of that in this post I want to talk about winter accessories such as scarves, gloves and hats. Most people are wearing dark colors during the cold season, but if you are like me and don't want to disappear in a crowd, but don't want to pop out too much as well  - play around with scarves, gloves and hats. This is where the fun begins. Put on white hat, scarf and you will be noticed in the city immediately! I say guys, don't be scared to wrap around your neck colorful scarf, bring some fun out to the cold :) You can pick from bright purple or red snood to jacquard pattern scarves. If you like something simple - take a white scarf and you will always look stylish. As for the hats, you can wear same color as you scarf or if you are wearing colorful or printed scarf - wear one color hat. Gloves - it is practical to have black gloves, but it is so boring, right? So why not to wear some printed, two toned gloves? Anyways, just don't be scared to play around with these accessories, because this is what makes you noticeable during the winter.
Don't get cold and see you all soon !

Day off?

November 6, 2014

Even though I am going to university only 3 days in a week, it feels like I don't really have days off. I am so busy lately, which is better than to be bored, but again, it is just too much! Would like to finally have a day that I could spend in bed with movies, some snacks and a cu of hot chocolate! But now everything is all about studies, tests, homework and blah blah blah... On the other hand, these are the last tests, after two months I will not have to go to classes, just to write my thesis and that is it - I will be free from my university ! Can't wait to finish it and then focus on things I love. Well anyways, here is super quick post of my ootd, with only few pics. Today I wanted to look casual, but not too official. And since the day wasn't cold at all I could resist to wear my lovely Nike shoes. Hope you like it and will see you all soon!