Day off?

November 6, 2014

Even though I am going to university only 3 days in a week, it feels like I don't really have days off. I am so busy lately, which is better than to be bored, but again, it is just too much! Would like to finally have a day that I could spend in bed with movies, some snacks and a cu of hot chocolate! But now everything is all about studies, tests, homework and blah blah blah... On the other hand, these are the last tests, after two months I will not have to go to classes, just to write my thesis and that is it - I will be free from my university ! Can't wait to finish it and then focus on things I love. Well anyways, here is super quick post of my ootd, with only few pics. Today I wanted to look casual, but not too official. And since the day wasn't cold at all I could resist to wear my lovely Nike shoes. Hope you like it and will see you all soon!

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