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OOTD: ankle boots & white sweater

December 30, 2014

Here is my last blog post in 2014! I am really happy that Christmas miracle happened and finally there is snow in town. I don't know how it is for you guys, but for me Christmas must be with snow outside. So right now I am holding fingers crossed and hoping to greet New Year with snow outside! 
Well and after warm and beautiful Christmas while waiting for New Years celebration I am showing you my outfit that I was wearing yesterday for a walk in a beautifully decorated and white city center, which still smells like Christmas. White sweater looked good with my ripped jeans and it matched with beautiful and snowy city as well. Scarf and warm coat is a must have in this time of season. And lovely black, comfy shoes finished all outfit super well. What you guys think? Are you excited for upcoming New Year?

Jingle all the way: promises for next year

December 20, 2014

Right now I can feel Christmas craziness everywhere in everyone's homes and most important in hearts. It is really nice that upcoming Christmas brings some goodness, happiness and warm feeling to our lives. And as always before New Year, we are making new promises and wishes, setting new goals or new dreams, or maybe trying to fulfill last year wishes and dreams. Just promising to ourselves what we going to change in our lives and what in this upcoming beautiful year of 2015 we going to do.
So it is not a secret that I made some promises myself. I made goals for myself, i am desiring to fulfill my new dreams. First one and right now the most important goal is to finish my university, graduate. Can't lie, I am dreaming about my graduation since the day I first signed the contract with my university. Because finishing university will bring quite a lot of free time, I want to do a career. Well I am step by step fulfilling my career wish, but I hope it will move forward little faster after I graduate. And this year I didn't really had as much time for my blog as I wanted, so I am promising to myself to give more time to what I love to do - blogging. I want to fill my blog with more different topics and maybe add some video blogs. And usual promises - to eat healthy, go to sleep on time, be less angry and smile little more. They seem like the easiest promises but most of the time it is easy to say, but not easy to do.
And talking about today - I fully opened my heart to Christmas craziness. White fawn and snowflakes decorated sweater that brings out Christmas mood even more, comfy jeans, warm shoes, gloves and Christmas decorations in the city. So in this Christmas themed post I want to wish super warm, calm, nice and lovely Christmas eve! Share the love and be loved! :)

Christmas gift guide

December 15, 2014

I know a lot of people are having hard time when it comes to picking the right and nice presents for Christmas. Each year it is hard to pick something not silly, but pretty and handy. So in this post I will show you some gift ideas, which I think would be really nice to get! And hopefully this post would help some of you out!

Žinau, kad tikrai dauguma žmonių turi gan sunkų laiką, kai kalba eina apie Kalėdinių dovanų pirkimą. Kiekvienais metais rodos būna vis sunkiau išrinkti kažką ne banalaus, bet gražaus ir praktiško. Todėl šiame įraše pasidalinsiu tuo, kas mano manymu puikiai tiktų kaip Kalėdinė dovana. Tad tikiuosi, kad šis įrašas kažkam iš jūsų bus naudingas!

OOTD: From day to night

December 10, 2014

I don't know about you guys, but for me December is one of the busiest months in a year. Studies, tests, Jingle all the way, meetings, blogging, friends, work... And most of the time everything happens in one day. So I thought I will write you about what I choose to wear on a days like this - when you leave home early in the morning and come back late in the night. And I am showing you what I wore going to university, work and then meeting with friends. 
Leather pants - you will never get wrong choosing to wear them. It looks stylish, pretty and they are a perfect choice for days and nights out! Most important it fits for all occasions. White shirt - classic, and together with black leather pants looks just incredibly good. And to finish the look I chose to wear super warm sweater with fur details on it. In a meeting with my friends it was really warm, so I took a sweater off and still had perfect outfit for a night out. Shoes - on a busy day I prefer something stylish and comfy. So I picked these lovely Deichman boots. They are super comfortable and warm! And of course - not a step out without fur coat in this time of the season!
I hope it is helpful and you enjoyed reading! Tell me your picks for a busy day?