What to wear on Valentine's day?

February 14, 2015

The first of February always reminds me of upcoming Valentine's day. Even though in my opinion this day is exaggerated and just silly, this year is going to be quite special. It will be the very first Valentine's day which I will spend together with my love not through the skype, but actually being together, so this makes me really happy.

With this post I will show what I might wear on my date for Valentine's day. Usually this day associates for me with red color and lots of kisses. So you can easily guess why I decided to wear shirt with lip prints on it and of course I have to wear my lovely leather pants. And I can't imagine Valentine's day without high-heels. The second I saw these beauties at Deichmann I knew I want them in my wardrobe ! And to finish my look I just put on my coat which is just enough for amazingly good Macedonian weather. 

I really hope this will help you out if you have problems deciding what to wear. Or maybe you guys already know how you going to dress up for cozy evening with you beloved ones? For the end I have one advice - less is more, don't get too crazy !

 | shoes DEICHMANN | pants ZARA | shirt ASOS | coat STRADIVARIUS |

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