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February 26, 2015

Combination of black leather pants, black top, leather jacket and my beloved fur vest which is playing the major role in this outfit. I say this outfit can't be simpler than this, but that's what I love. Even though it is simple, but for sure not boring.
And finally spring weather came to town. It is raining quite a lot, but rain in +14 temperature is way more better than cold weather. So in my next months post I can guarantee you will see a lot of spring colors and a lot of spring inspired outfits, as well as some spring inspired makeup posts. For now wishing you all beautiful last days of this month !

Whats in my bag?

It is said that every girl is carrying her whole life in her bag. Well, thats pretty much true haha. So with this post I will show you what I am carrying in my bag with me all the time. And it is always curious to take a look in another persons bag right?

BANSKO photo diary

February 23, 2015

It is not a secret that I love traveling. I enjoy not only leisure vacations or sightseeing tours but some active sport trips too. So it is the second winter I went for skiing. Same as last winter we chosed to go to Bansko - skiing city based in Bulgaria. Wondering why?
First of all - because of the price and quality ratio. Bansko Skii Center has a very good skiing tracks with a feedback from some professional athletes. But the prices here are way more lower that for example in Austria. Of course, you can't really compare Banskko Pirin mountain with Austrian Alps, but as for me, for a skiing beginner Bansko is a perfect place. It is calm in here and not overcrowded. The nature is amazing and the views from the top of the mountains takes your breath away.
As for the city itself - it is full of hotels, motels. Well you can actually say that there are just hotels and motels with restaurants and pubs. I have to say it is a one beautiful vacation town. So for those who want's to go skiing but can't decide were, I recommend this place! If you don't have a skiing equipment - not a problem. You can rent all what you need here.
By the way, skiing season here is from December to March. And I really hope to have a hance to come here again!


February 20, 2015

From the very morning sun was making us happy by showing its warmth in the sky and without any words saying it was obvious that this day is perfect for long walks in the city. Even though thermometers hits +6 in the day, evenings and mornings are still quite cold and it reminds you that winter is still going. Anyways, I still had really amazing day.
I feel like this outfit shows my personality and my style the most. What is important it reveals the rule that I am trying to live up to "buy less, choose well". Little more than a month ago I bought these Zara jeans which I know I will wear a lot, so be prepared! It is quite basic but stylish at the same time. White sweater, black coat and bag lives in my closet for more than a year and I promise, they will live there even longer and will be worn a lot. Deichmann shoes came to my life just few months ago, but I have been wearing them almost every single day and the quality really amazed me, so for sure they will stay with me for another year as well. To finish my look and to bring out some brightness I decided to wear this amazing Rose beanie hat which I got from "Mr. Gugu & Miss Go". This brand is simply amazing! If you like something different, colorful and interesting, definitely check out their store, I am 100% sure you will find something suitable for yourself. I loved this hat from the very first sight and what makes me happy that it not only keeps your ears and head warm, but makes you look stylish, brightens up all outfit and doesn't let you to be unseen!

Nuo pat ryto džiugino pasirodžiusi saulė, todėl nepasakius nei žodžio, buvo aišku, kad ši diena skirta ilgam pasivaikščiojimui po miestą. Tiesa, nors ir dienos metu termometrai smagiai rodo +6, vakarais ir ankstyvais rytais šaltukas ( išpuikau, šaltuku pradėjau vadinti nulinę temperatūrą) neleidžia pamiršti, kad vis dar vasario mėnuo ir kalendorinė žiema dar niekur nepabėgo. Nepaisant visko, turėjau labai gražią, ramią ir džiaugsmo kupiną dieną.
Būtent šis derinys manau labiausiai atspindi mane ir mano taisyklę, pagal kurią stengiuosi gyventi „buy less, choose well“. Prieš kiek daugiau nei mėnesį įsigyti džinsai – sakyčiau puiki investicija, nes žinodama savo stilių, drąsiai galiu teigti, kad juos dėvėsiu ne vienerius metus. Baltas megztukas, juodas paltas, Deichmann rankinė mano spintoje gyvena jau ne vienerius, bet tikrai ir ne paskutinius metus. Tiesa, patogieji Deichmann batukai į mano rankas atkeliavo ne taip jau ir senai, tačiau kokybė kalba už save, su manim jie pasiliks ir dar vieniems metukams. Na ir visą derinį puikiai užbaigia ir ausis pašildo rožėmis marginta kepurė. Ją nešiojau bene visą žiemą. Tiesiog negaliu atsidžiaugti, nes ji ne tik pagyvina derinius, apsaugo nuo šalčio, bet ir puikiai atkreipia aplinkinių dėmesį ir neleidžia likti nepastebėtai

What to wear on Valentine's day?

February 14, 2015

The first of February always reminds me of upcoming Valentine's day. Even though in my opinion this day is exaggerated and just silly, this year is going to be quite special. It will be the very first Valentine's day which I will spend together with my love not through the skype, but actually being together, so this makes me really happy.

With this post I will show what I might wear on my date for Valentine's day. Usually this day associates for me with red color and lots of kisses. So you can easily guess why I decided to wear shirt with lip prints on it and of course I have to wear my lovely leather pants. And I can't imagine Valentine's day without high-heels. The second I saw these beauties at Deichmann I knew I want them in my wardrobe ! And to finish my look I just put on my coat which is just enough for amazingly good Macedonian weather. 

I really hope this will help you out if you have problems deciding what to wear. Or maybe you guys already know how you going to dress up for cozy evening with you beloved ones? For the end I have one advice - less is more, don't get too crazy !