Whats in my bag?

February 26, 2015

It is said that every girl is carrying her whole life in her bag. Well, thats pretty much true haha. So with this post I will show you what I am carrying in my bag with me all the time. And it is always curious to take a look in another persons bag right?

1 - My new daily planner that I got from the company I am doing my practice in. I really like the cover of it because its black and has an emboss. It looks classy and it helps me to keep my days planned really well.
2 - Sunglasses. Well since it is spring and sun is shining pretty much all the days, it is impossible not to have sunglasses with me. The ones I am carrying are brand new from ZARA and I already love them to death haha, oh, and on the week days I have my regular glasses with me as well. 
3 - Hair brush. I have Tangle teezer and I love it, I can't imagine my day without it any more. The size is small and it has a cover so it is perfectly made for carrying in your purse.
4 - Of course, my phone. Since Christmas I have iPhone 6 and I absolutely love it. I think I couldnt go without my phone a day. I am taking a lot of pictures with my phone, blogging on instagram and just checking some news so I use it quite a lot through the day.
5 - nothing special, just a pen for writing in my daily planner. 
6 - Wallet. This one is from MANGO and it is like 3 or 4 years old, I don't even know, the outside of the wallet gets little bit ugly and I know I have to start searching for a new one, but I love this one so much that I don't want to change to a new one haha. This one is so perfectly made. It has enough of space for cards, cash, coins and even some important little notes. 
7 - Water bottle. I always have a water bottle with me because I drink quite a lot of water through the day. And it is really important to keep your body hydrated. I do get headaches if I don't drink at least 1 liter of water in the first part of the day.
8 - Some hair ties just in case my hair will decide to stop listening to me.
9 - Hand cream. This one is vanilla scented cream from L'occitane and its a sample size tube. I do have few other sample size creams from L'occitane so I am changing them once a while, but they are perfect for having in bag every day. 
10 - Lip gloss. This one is Urban Decay mini lip gloss that came with Naked 2 pallet. I really like this one because of the nice color and because it cools and plums your lips.
11 - Antibacterial gel from Soap&Glory. I do use public transport a lot and sometimes I don't have a chance to wash my hands as often as I would like to, so I use this gel to keep my hands clean from germs.
12 - Eye drops. I don't have the best eyes on earth and from staring to computers screen for almost 8 hours a day, my eyes dries a lot and starts to hurt so I use these drops to make my eyes feel better. 
13, 14 - Uoga Uoga and EOS lip balms. I do like to have few lip balms with me and I am carrying different ones almost every time, for now I am using these two the most.
15 - Mac studio fix pressed powder. I am not one of those girls that fixes her makeup few times through the day and puts a new layer of powder on her face after 3 or 4 hours, actually for work I use only BB cream by Maybelline, but I like to have my powder with me just in case I will have to go out somewhere right after work and I won't have a chance to go home and do a proper makeup.
16 - Maybelline baby lips. Well like I said, I am crazy about the lip balms and this one is with the color so I like to apply it on my lips when I don't feel like wearing lipstick but still want to have some color on my lips.
17 - Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. It is a carry on size and again, I do apply it only if I am going somewhere out right after work and want to feel and look fresh after long day.
18 - Headphones. Not stepping out of home without my headphones because I always listen to music when I am walking to the bus station, when I am in the bus, or just going somewhere. Oh, and I do keep my earphones in the case. I admit it is quite annoying to wrap them back every time, but its better to put them in the case then just throw it in my bag and after that deal with some tangles. 
19 - USB. Not really using it but you never know when you will need it right?
20 - Last but not least, keys haha. 
Oh and I keep all my makeup in my Stradivarius makeup bag. 
Anyways, I hope you liked reading this and I will see you all soon!

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