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ootd: Polka dots are back!

March 29, 2015

I can't believe how fast time flies.. It seems like March have just started and here, April is in few days. And that means that only 25 days left of my staying here in Macedonia.. On the other hand, it makes me happy and excited that I will be at home again surrounded with my family and friends and guys, it might sound totally weird, but I missed my closet and all the clothes so much!! Packing stuff for 3 months is not an easy task to do, especially when the season changes. So for the last few days I am having really hard time to pick what to wear, because I just got bored of all the clothes I have here with me.. Of course I could buy some new stuff, but problem is that I have 0 space in my luggage haha, girls problems.. 
But anyways, I have these polka dot jeans with me and I actually didn't wore them here yet. So I matched it with simple white top and black jacket. To finish the outfit I picked gold chain statement necklace and my favorite slip-on shoes.

SKOPJE photo diary

March 27, 2015

 As you all know currently I am staying in Macedonia, Skopje. Unfortunately, less than a month left of my stay here, which is really sad, but on the other hand exciting. And just right now, when my stay comes to the end I realized that I never actually showed you guys this pretty city! So here is little photo diary from beautiful Skopje, and for more pics from this city follow my INSTAGRAM

video: Game Of Heels

March 20, 2015

ootd: Game of heels

It was really lovely day, a bit lazy, but free from work, practice report writing, thesis writing and all the busy stuff. I had a time off, time just for myself and my boyfriend, with no rush, no thinking about what I have to do next and so on. You know how good it feels, right? So for this day I finally decided to wear heels for my little date with my boy. We just had really nice walk in the city, lovely brunch at amazing Belgium waffles place. Before we left for our date, I couldn't decide what I want to wear, so I just picked whatever I saw first. And I must say guys, ripped jeans are like really in fashion this spring again and do not hesitate to wear any kind of high heels with them! My decision to wear ripped jeans and heels was a total accident, but I love how it looks, I felt amazing with this outfit! So here are few pics for you and my very first OOTD VIDEO! Uhuu! What are your thoughts about this outfit?
It was super fun to film it and to edit it, so for sure it is my first, but not the last video! Soon I will make more for you, so go on youtube and subscribe to my channel so you won't miss any videos that are coming up! 

Stepping into Spring

March 12, 2015

Finally long waited spring is finally here! The time when finally I can wear leather jacket instead of a coat. Also it means that it is right about time for bigger shoe option. Spring is that time when you can experiment with your outfit the most and especially with the shoes! There is such a big variaty to pick from! I have really huge love for high heels, but despite that, flat shoes, ankle boots and slip on's take all the space in my closet. Maybe it is because I always have a busy schedule and in one day I have to walk quite a lot, so I don't really want to be worrying about tired legs from high heels after all.

Coffee break

March 3, 2015