March favorites

April 1, 2015

I can't believe that March is over! Time flies so fast, that it actually scares me a little. So during the March I have been using few beauty products over and over again, because they are so amazingly good! And here I am sharing them with you guys!

The first product I have been loving this month is essence sun club bronzer. Even though it is little powdery still makes the skin look super good, gives this natural sun touch to the skin and it is super pigmented and super cheap and I really like that it is matt, so win win! Next beauty product - Bourjois healthy mix foundation. I have heard so many good things about his foundation, but never tried it before until now and guys it is really amazing! It gives super good coverage, but doesn't make your skin feel heavy. It blends in really well and looks natural. Even though my T zone gets oily faster with this foundation, I still love it a lot! And I caught myself using this Real Techniques multi task brush a lot for everything! I applied powder, bronzer, blush and even highlighter with it, because it is so soft and blends the product in so well!

Powdery face scrub by Uoga Uoga - for sure this months favorite. Even though it is little annoying to apply, but when you see and feel the result it makes it all worth it haha. The smell is quite weird it almost feels like applying oatmeal on your face, but at the end, it makes skin super smooth and helps to get rid of acne and pimples.

Japanese Cherry blossom hand cream from L'occitane is my all time favorite hand cream! I love the smell, I love how soft my hands feels after applying the product and I love this small and cute packaging which is perfect for carrying it everywhere with you in the pocket or a handbag. Another hand product - hand sanitizer by Soap & Glory. First of all guys - the smell is perfect and it stays on your hands for like one hour. I am a quite freak about having my hands clean so I use it a lot during the day, because not always I have a chance to wash my hands after using public transport or touching the money.

For the perfumes - I have two favorites. I feel like every spring an every summer I get back to Marc Jacobs perfumes. Maybe because the bottles looks so spring-ish and summer-ish and of course because I love the smell of every single Marc Jacobs perfume haha. But I use this perfume more during the day time and for the night time I wear Giorgio Armani Si perfume, which is my new favorite! It's my first bottle of this perfume, but for sure not the last one!

I have this thing for Body Shop shower gels haha, well they smell amazing, and they feel rich you know? The texture is really thick and that what makes it to feel super good on skin. So I have been loving this mango scented shower gel, the smell is not too sweet and gives this fresh feeling.

For the lip products I have been loving valentine's day edition Kiss Me lip scrub from Lush cosmetics. Again, it smells like heaven, it tastes like heaven haha and whats important - it makes your lips super smooth and soft. And it helps to deal with chapped lips like none other products does. And after using this scrub, I always apply EOS coconut milk flavored lip balm. All of you already know how good they are.

And the last, not beauty, but fashion favorite - LOVEIN bracelet. I wasn't really wearing it during the winter, but this month I wore it pretty much every day haha, crazy right? It is really beautiful piece of jewelry and whats important - good quality. 
So I hope it was interesting for you to read and feel free to write your march favorites in the comments down bellow and would you like me to do every month favorites?
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