Gold boho tattoo

May 26, 2015

So today I am here to show you these amazing flash tattoos! Some time ago I received two sets of these amazing tattoos from GOLD BOHO TATTOO. I was craving for these tattoos for ages now, because they are the best jewelry for summer time. They look super stylish, they are easy to apply and easy to remove. What is more - they look amazing on my pale skin now, so I can't wait to see how gorgeous they will look like on tanned body! This is for sure my this summer essential! 

So in a set you get approximately 10 flash tattoos. The application as I said before is super easy. First you cut out the one you liked from whole set, then peel of clear transparent paper and place the tattoo on your body where you want to have it. Last, using your fingers and water wet the paper with a tattoo so it would stick to your body and gently remove the paper when its completely wet. And here you have an amazing  tattoo on your body! 

My tattoo stayed on for 3 days. The third day in the evening it wasn't looking pretty anymore, some corners where rubbed off, so on a day 4 I completely removed it with some body wash and a sponge. If you want to remove your tattoo sooner - just use body wash or soap and a sponge, This way it will come out super easily. Anyways, 3 days for a permanent tattoo is quite good, I am really satisfied with it, because all 3 days I was taking showers of course and it stayed perfectly.

So I definitely advise to get these tattoos if you are wondering if its worth it! And if you already tried some tattoos like these - tell me in the comments bellow how long it stayed for you and maybe you know some secrets or tips on how to keep them on body for longer time? :) 

Kisses, Inga 

3 comments on "Gold boho tattoo"
  1. aaa kaip super!
    o iš kur maudymkė?? :D

    1. Joo, tik kad pas mus cia vasara neateina, tai nera kada klijuotis juu :/

      Maudymke is VS, tik sitas mazokas biski :( Nu labai jau push up didelis gaunas ir didele dalis krutines apnuoginta, tai nelabai deduosi as ji :D

    2. bet va fotkeje kaip graziai atrodo, pasaka! :D