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May 28, 2015

Hi guys! Finally weather in Lithuania is a little bit better than it was for the last weeks. And I feel like I always talk about the weather, but honestly, weather has a big influence on my mood. So I am holding fingers crossed for summer to finally come to Lithuania, or I will go out to the place where summer is actually summer, you know what I mean?
But since the last few days were sunny and warm, I decided that it is really about time to wear some pastel / summer ish colors, don't you think so? Pink jeans, white top, gray blazer and black slip-on shoes - simple, comfy, but eye catching! Oh and of course - my summer favorite piece of jewelry! White, pink and black beads statement necklace. Personally, this is my current favorite outfit! I felt amazing and I got a lot of compliments on this look. Wearing these pink jeans reminded me of how much I actually adore pink and pastel colors, so will try to keep wearing them this summer!
What you guys think about this look & what is your favorite color?

Kisses, Inga

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