review: Oriflame giordani gold

May 31, 2015

Hey guys! Today it is time for a beauty post - a review of Giordani Gold goodies from Oriflame. So almost a week ago I received a bag of these goodies. I have been testing them every single day so I would have something good or bad to say. 
First of all I loved the packaging and the look of the products, I mean they look so expensive! I love black and gold color combination it makes it look like high end cosmetics, which is absolutely nice!

So now let's start with a foundation brush. Normally I use either a brush or my fingers for applying my foundation. It depends on how good coverage I want and just how I feel that day. Never tried beauty blender (unfortunately but maybe some time soon I will) so I can't really compare this brush to beauty blenders, but, compared to other brushes I used before and until now, I must say I was quite impressed. I wasn't expecting this brush to blend foundation so well and nicely. This brush helps to apply foundation super easily and especially I loved how this Giordani Gold brush blends the foundation around your nose, because I feel that this part is the hardest for me to blend and apply foundation. As I mention before, I have been testing these products for a week and so far I have nothing bad to say about this brush! I would really recommend if you are searching for a nice foundation brush!

Next, let's move on to foundation. I got it in the color LIGHT IVORY which matches my a little bit tanned skin perfectly, but I feel like in winter time it would be slightly too dark for me, because I do have quite pale face skin ( not talking about redness & annoying stuff like that :)). So the shade itself is really nice - not too pink, not too yellow - gives this natural, healthy skin looking effect, which I absolutely love. And this foundation is mineral one, so it gives a really nice coverage, but it doesn't make your face look cakey! Even though the texture is quite thick, it blends in perfectly. Usually I use one pump of foundation for all my face & neck, but I found that for this foundation I need one and half pumps. so I guess it is because of thick texture, or maybe the pump is smaller, anyhow, this is not such big minus for me. I do have super oily t zone, but quite dry cheeks and under eye area, so usually it's tricky for me to pick that perfect foundation for my skin. So once again, I wasn't expecting much, but I was amazed! I stayed with this foundation for around 6 to 9 hours every day since I got it and in the evenings my skin got this little shine, more like a nice glow, but didn't got super oily and too shiny! It stayed it place well, it didn't creased anywhere and I wasn't even wearing pressed or loose powder to set it! So I am really happy with this foundation, I will definitely repurchase it and my mom used it few times to work as well and let me tell you guys, that my mommy has a really sensitive, dry and full of redness skin & she really loved it too! So I would say that this foundation is perfect for all skin types. Oh and it has SPF 15 in it, so in summer you don't need to apply extra sunscreen on your face, just a regular moisturizing cream and this foundation.  Would I recommend to buy it? ABSOLUTELY! 
P.S. you will see in the pictures down bellow how it looks blended on my hand and on my face. Please totally ignore my face with no makeup - my skin is no perfect, I do have redness and pimples, and it took me a lot of courage to show my not perfect skin/face to all you guys!

Lats, but not least - eye brow gel. I got it in a shade BLOND which I thought will be too light for me, because I do have dark hair. Recently I tinted my eyebrows so now I don't need to do much to make them look nice. But usually I fill some gaps in my brows with black pencil so this gel together with black brow pencil makes good combination and makes my brows look really neat and natural. It sets brows quite well. I love this shape of applicator more than for example rounded applicator as Maybelline brow drama gel has. I feel like it is easier to apply. So my eyebrows stayed like this all day and in the evening they didn't smudged, stayed in place, so win win win. I would recommend it too, but for dark hair girls - definitely in the shade brown.

So I want to say huge thanks for these goodies, I am honestly in love with every single product and for sure will use it a lot! I hope it was useful ant interesting for you guys to read and if you have already tried any of these, please let me know your opinion in the comments! 

Kisses, Inga 

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