food: strawberry desert

June 21, 2015

Today I am here with a totally different post than usual. It is time for some food! As we all know - summer is a strawberry time and I am crazy about them! I could eat them every single day. So lately I have been loving this desert with strawberries so I thought why not to share it with you? Maybe you will love it as much as I do!

You need:
1. Bowl of strawberries;
2. Natural yogurt;
3. 2 table spoons of Cacao;
4. 2 table spoons of Sugar;

How to:

Wash and slice strawberries. Mix yogurt, sugar and cacao until you have a smooth texture. Then just pour everything in a desert cup, put in strawberries and enjoy!

Hope you will like it ! Try it and tell me in if you liked or maybe you already know this desert?

Kisses, Inga

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