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June 24, 2015

Hi there! Some of you who follow me on INSTAGRAM may already know that I just graduated. Finally I got my bachelors diploma! Honestly, I can't be happier. A lot of you already asked what are my plans now since I finished university and have bunch of time. First of all, I am not going for masters degree.. I mean maybe in a year or two, but for now I feel like I really need break from studies, I need that let's say normal life just to figure out what I want to do next. But I already have some plans, I do want to get more actual work experience before going somewhere to work. So I am trying to get some internships now somewhere abroad. Because I feel like all studies gives you a lot of plain theory information and not enough practice. But anyways, I just finished media engineer studies in KTU. Wasn't a big fan of my studies, but at the end, I am satisfied with work and career opportunities with these studies. I always imagined myself being a designer, so all I want now is to get as much as possible experience in graphic design, so I could fill my portfolio with some amazing work and then try to get hired in dream country ( can you guess which country it is?)

So graduation ceremony is every girls headache. You have to find that perfect dress, shoes, bag and everything, Think about your hair, makeup and blah blah blah.. What I knew before searching for my graduation dress - it has to be white and open back. And one day I found this dress in ZARA which I fell in love with immediately. With this pretty dress I decided to wear nude color ALDO high heels. I really like them, I love how they look like with the dress and I know for sure that I will be wearing them quite a lot.

What sucked the most on my graduation - weather. Unfortunately you cant pick the weather. Luckily it wasn't super cold and wasn't raining all day long. But of course it had to rain at that time when we were making pictures. 

I was really worried for my hair. At first I was planning to curl my hair, but the day before my hairdresser got sick and I had to go with my usual - straight hair which at the end again I was super happy with. I was just worried that it will get messy and frizzy because of the rain, but it turns out my keratin treatment still holds in quite well. 

Anyways, I am really happy with how I looked that day, I am happy I graduated and that University life is over ( at least for upcoming year). Hope you like the pictures and my look too! Tell me what you think :) 

Kisses, Inga

And that is a picture after taking pictures haha. My graduation ceremony was held in Zalgiris Arena and the paths here are made from rocks which are really uncomfortable to walk on with high heels so I just took mine off and walked bare foot to the car :D I know, people were looking weird like I was crazy or smth, but I was too happy to worry about what people think! And I wore this pink blazer when I got cold.

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