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July 22, 2015

So for almost 2 weeks now I am eating healthy food with lots of vitamins. Why? Well I was never fat or anything, but there are some parts of my body that I want to change a bit and of course the main reason is because I just want to be a healthy person and with the years take better care of my health. So once a while I will share with you some healthy food & snack ideas. 

Here is my favorite snack - 4 table spoons of greek yougurt, few blended garden strawberries, few raspberries and few wild strawberries. No sugar. If you want it to make little sweetener add half of tea spoon of honey to it. But for sure not sugar!

And for extra daily vitamins I am drinking Vitamin Well drink which has loads of various vitamins in it and helps you to feel more energized!

Try this snack yourself, I usually eat it for breakfast as well and tell me if you like it!

Kisses, Inga
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