June favorites

July 3, 2015

Ok guys, so summer is flying so fast! Can you believe it's already July??  I personally think that summer should be longer.. Or more often haha. Ok now let's get to the business. So I am here today with my June favorites! If you are interested - read more!

Let's start with everyones well known Naked 2 eye shadow palette. I have been loving this palette a lot lately. Especially gold colors. And I love how long it stays on your eye lids! If you have a chance to get your hands on this palette - do it!

Another favorite for my now quite tanned face skin - MAC Studio fix pressed powder. I love the coverage it gives and that it doesn't make your skin look cakey. It makes your skin look healthy, matte, but as well it gives this natural glow even though it doesn't have any shimmer or sparkles in it.

So to make myself look tanned and sun kissed in June I used these two products A LOT. First Essence Sun Club matte bronzing powder has been my friend the whole month. I like how it makes my skin look more tanned and the way it contours my face and how well it blends. Love love! And its so cheap! Oh and it smells lovely too.
Sally Hansen Leg spray helped me out super well on my graduation day. As you know I was wearing white dress and white dress on white body does not look good at all, but I didn't wanted to "toast" my skin in sunbaths, so I decided to put this on my legs and guys - I knew this product is amazing, but it's been a while I used it and now after this long time I fell in love with it again! Definitely will use it more when I will want my legs to look nice without tights. Recommending it to every single one of you! It is really easy to apply with your hand and it blends in well, doesn't leave any stripes or harsh lines! Looks like you are wearing nice expensive tights. 

These two Uoga Uoga products were life savers as well. First, because of some not healthy food and sweets I got few pimples and blemishes on my face and of course as every girl I wanted to get rid of them asap. So I wore this face scrub/mask few times a week before I go to sleep and it helped me out so so well! Few times I used it as a regular face scrub, few times as a mask and I have to admit, I love it a lot, I will definitely repurchase it really soon. Other thing I love about it - its organic!
For chapped and sun dried lips I used their lip balm, which is natural/organic as well. I am not a fan of citrus smell, but this one is really nice! Its not too strong. It leaves your lips feeling soft and healthy!

This is quite odd monthly favorite, but finally I found THAT nail polish remover that does it's job so well! This Sally Hansen nail polish remover without any struggle can remove even the glittery and sparkly nail polishes! How cools is that?! I was amazed. So this is gonna be the one I will use to death haha!
Talking about nail polishes - I wanted something bright, light, almost like white nail polish but with hidden touch of soft pink color.  You know what I mean? So I saw this and I thought Woow, thats the one! But after first use I was pretty disappointed because it didn't gave the effect I wanted. It is quite see through nail polish.. But then I decided to give it another shot. And well, with 3 or 4 coats it gave me the exact effect I was looking for. Yeah, you have to put a lot of work to get it, but anyways I found myself reaching for this nail polish the most from all.

The last two pieces are from Maybelline. I mean I love this drug store brand a lot, but this month I have been loving this Master Piece liquid eye liner, because it doesn't smudge, it stays on well and is super easy to apply!
The second - color whisper lipstick in color Orange Attitude. It gives this nice summery color for lips. Its more like coraly orange color what I absolutely love and it's not drying out lips at all! It is even moisturising!

So that's all for now. Have to tell you guys - it is really nice to write this post right now in the balcony with amazing woods and lake view. Nice nice nice! And I feel like June was a month of old favorites! 
See you guys soon with an outfit post from here! Nothing fancy - easy look for perfect time in nature, so stay tuned!

Kisses, Inga 

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  1. I loved this Maybelline liquid eyeliner, it's gorgeous!