ootd: Birthday girl

July 12, 2015

As some of you know, yesterday I was celebrating my 23 th birthday. Right now I wish that I could stay at this age forever haha. Seriously, I don't want to get any older! 23 is really enough!

So firstly I want to say huge thank you for all of you who didn't let me to forget that I got one more year older ! Thanks for all wishes and for all the attention, kisses for you ;*

Talking about birthday outfit.. Well.. I was planing to wear a nice skirt, with some cute top, heeled sandals and so on.. But unfortunately summer decided to be not summery at all. If you live in Lithuania - you know.. For the past week weather here reminds a lot of autumn or early spring. Only +16, rain, wind, clouds... So my plans of wearing something summerish, bright and colorful were totally ruined. I was quite mad and disappointed so I picked my outfit like 5 mins before I had to head out from home. 

As you can see, weather decided what I am gonna wear. Instead of skirt I picked to wear my all time favorites - Zara leather pants. Nice crop top I changed to white loose shirt, heeled sandals to heeled boots. 

Well I can't say I wasn't satisfied. I felt really good and comfortable in this outfit, most important I felt confident. 

Thats it for now, let's hope weather will get better and I will be able to make some nice, bright and summerish outfit posts for you. Because right now I just can't force myself to go out and shoot in this kind of weather. So fingers crossed, stay happy and see you soon!

Kisses, Inga 

| top TJ MAXX | pants ZARA | shoes DEICHMAN | bag PRIMARK | 
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  1. great look! nice photos!