Beauty box from "Grožio Draugas"

August 13, 2015

When I got an offer to do a review of second Beauty Box I got really excited, because I really like this kind of boxes and some years ago I use to get a beauty box called Adore Box. So now I can actually compare them. I had to pick my Beauty Box before my trip to London (on the day they started selling the boxes, quite early), that's why the inside of my box is a little bit different - I didn't got Tangle Teezer, but that is not a big deal for me, because I already have a Tangle Teezer and I bought Macadamia hair treatment pack ( from Grožio Draugas as well) with No Tangle hair brush, which I found better than Tangle Teezer, but about that in other post. 

So even without one - the main product in the box, it really surprised me and made me happy. I honestly can't even compare it with the old and long gone Adore Box. Adore Box was full of little samples. In Beauty Box you get some nice beauty products - full and mini sized, but also you get some extra stuff like Invisibobble, tangle teezer. Which is absolutely amazing! I am really really surprised by the products inside the box, they are not cheap - definitely worth the money you pay for this little box.

So now let's have a closer look to all the products inside the box I got.

As I mentioned before - because I didn't got Tangle Teezer, they gave me a full size of Batiste dry shampoo which is my favorite! It smells amazing and does its job incredibly well. Also I got Marrakesh shampoo, hair styling elixir and leave-in treatment & detangler. I have used leave-in treatment before, so I am happy that I got it again and also super excited to try out shampoo and styling elixir. Last, but not least product for the hair - invisibobble hair ties. OMG guys, I have been craving for them for ages and finally I got them! I have been using one of them since the day I got it and right now I am sitting, writing this post with my hair tied with invisibobble hair tie. I always have it on my wrist, because it is the best hair tie I ever had! It doesn't leave any marks on your hair, holds the hair perfectly! Love love love!
Little tip - when you feel that your invisibobble got little loose, once a while put it in hot water. It will shrink a little bit and will be perfect to use again!

Also my box included Nivea invisible anti-perspirant. I love that it's a mini size - perfect for traveling. Talking about sample testers and sample sizes, I also got Elais Orange Body scrub. Never heard of this brand before, but really excited to try it out, because it smells amazing! Like orange candies. And I like to use body scrubs more often during the summer, because it makes your skin smooth & soft. About Idea Toscana moisturizing shower gel I feel little weird, it is natural and because of that has a weird smell that I am not a fan of, but still will give it a try! On the internet I read a lot of good comments about Oxynergy Paris creams, so quite excited to try these samples of foundation and eye creams. Pil'aten mineral dirt mask looks super interesting, it says it works like a magnet and it really looks like a super good quality product. Will definitely share my impressions on it as soon as I will try it out!

Last 3 things that were in my box - Di Palomo Fig & Grape hand cream - amazing! Had a mini samples of shower gel and hand cream of this product years ago and I loved it to death! Especially the smell, so happy to have a handbag friendly sized hand cream! Nivea lip butter - have this product in Raspberry scent, super amazing, been in my favorites million times before, so keeping this one for winter, when my lips needs more care and moisture! And the very last product - The Garden of Colour cuticle and nail oil in Apple Red. First of all - smells like heaven! I never liked cutting my cuticles, but this oil literally makes your cuticles disappear! I don't know how or where, but it does! I use this oil once or twice a week and my nails already are way better, cuticles soft and nice. So highly recommended! 

That is all I got. Once again - I am really satisfied with the box and products inside it. This one is 100% better than the old Adore Box beauty box. Looking forward to see what's gonna be in the third box and hoping I will be able to get it although I am not gonna be in Lithuania for a while.

If you want to get any of these products - you can find them all at GROŽIO DRAUGAS website.

If you got this beauty box as well, please let me know which products are your favorites and share your opinion with me and others!

Kisses, Inga
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