Surviving flights

August 17, 2015

I started preparing for my another flight - from London to Macedonia. Finally! I mean I loved staying in London, I really feel like I have a connection with this city, but I really missed spending some time in Macedonia as well. 

So as usual I started packing and I saw that I give a lot of thoughts on what I pack to my carry on bag, well more like what I pack to an extra bag that I am gonna keep in front of me all flight long. So I can't imagine my flights without a pillow, hoodie and my phone with earphones. Why? Because this is my "sleeping in plane kit" haha. Really, I sleep half of the flights, so only these things makes my naps and dreams better while flying.  Especially pillow prevents my neck from getting hurt. The time when I am not sleeping I feel hungry haha, so I have to have some snacks with me - for example Kellogs. I love to eat them like that with no milk. Water is a must have in flight as well.  And I always take some pain killers with me, because I always have a headache during the flight. Lip balm, hand cream, perfume and antibacterial gel are always always everywhere with me. I just like to use them often. 

P.s Guys, look at how OMFGorgeous is my new phone case which I got from SKINNY DIP LONDON? I seriously can't get enough of it, can;t stop looking at it and playing with it! Seriously I wish I had all phone cases from their store, because they are literally something magical and awesome!!
Anyways, I will see you soon from Macedonia!

Kisses, Inga

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