August favorites

September 7, 2015

New month usually means that it is time for my monthly favorites! And this month I have not only beauty products to show, but some accessories as well, so let's get started and see what I have been loving this month ! 

First of all I am gonna start with some face/body products. So since August was a month for me when I was wearing shorts and swimming suit a lot, I really wanted and needed my legs to look nice and smooth, so for that I have been using Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub, which is absolutely amazing! It does its job super well, leaves your skin feeling soft and clean & smooth.

For my hands I have been reaching for this L'Occitane hand cream. Smells good, moisturizes my hand well, doesn't leave that oily feeling on your hands - perfect!

For my face skin I have been using this Simple face moisturizer every day and  I love it! Since my skin was getting a lot of sun, I needed to moisturize it a lot and this cream worked for me super well, so love love love! 

For my nails I used these two Essie nail polishes pretty much all month! I apply few coats of Spaghetti strap nail polish and then on the tips of my nails I apply a little bit of A cut above - which is a nice sparkly nail polish. I really love this combo and how my nails looks like, so I feel like I am gonna keep wearing these nail polishes for this month too! 

Usually for a day time, during the summer I don't really wear perfume. So this month I have been using Victoria Secret Pure Seduction fragrance mist. It smells nice, stays on for quite long. 

During this super hot month - August, my hair tend to get greasy faster than usual, but still I didn't wanted to wash them too often - every second or third day only, so on the third hair day, to remove that little grease from my roots I used Batiste dry shampoo which for me is the best dry shampoo ever!

Last, but not least - every single morning I applied Maybelline baby lips which has SPF 15 in it, just because I wanted to protect my lips from getting sun burn ( yes, it is possible & it hurts like hell!).

Also I have been wearing ( and I am still wearing ) my Pandora bracelet which for me is super summery looking. 

And finally - my phone case. I am that person that changes phone cases a lot! Like through the week I "dress up" my phone with 5 different phone cases, because I just like it a lot, but this month I used this Skinny Dip London phone case the most. You have no idea how gorgeous it looks like in front of the sun! So sparkly, so girly & I adore it! 

That is it for my August favorites, hope it was useful & interesting to read! Maybe you have been loving the same product as well? Let me know & see you soon! 

Kisses, Inga 

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