Mickey Mouse

September 14, 2015

Hi guys! Super quick update today. I have been quite busy lately with one project of mine, which I will tell you about really really soon! I am super excited about something I will launch super super soon! So keep your eyes open on my blog, instagram and facebook as well for more information & details !

As for my outfit - something super comfy and basic for work, something I feel good in while sitting 8 hours near computer. And I am really loving this t-shirt with floral Mickey Mouse head on it. I feel like it brings a little bit of joy and fun to the whole outfit. Also, check out my lovely phone case! Really thankful to So Cheeky for sending me this beauty!

Thats all for now, tell me what you this of this super simple outfit?

Kisses, Inga

| top PRIMARK | jeans STRADIVARIUS | shoes ZARA | phone case SO CHEEKY | 

2 comments on "Mickey Mouse "
  1. Matau jog ir tu pamėgai Invisi Bobble plaukų gumeles. Aš lygiai taip pat kur beeičiau vieną visuomet užsimaunu ant riešo. Į paprastas jų keisti jau nesinorėtų! :D


    1. Taaaip! Tik atsikeli, iskart ant rieso ir i trasa :D Nekeisciau i nieka ir as! Dabar dar tik noreciau tamsiai rudos arba juodos, kad nesimatytu plaukuose, nes si permatoma nera jau visai permatoma :D