Too hot for 1st of September!

September 1, 2015

Hello everyone and hello 1st of September! Happy 1st of September to all good luck to the ones who are back to schools, universities & colleges. For me it's the first 1st of September when I don't need to go back to school or university and I must say - it feels so good and so right! I have waited for this moment for ages & finally I can enjoy it! Especially when I am here, in Macedonia, where summer doesn't seem to go anywhere! Am I happy? HELL YEAH!

So I would say that we are having a heat wave here at the moment, but it is just a normal summer/beginning of autumn in Macedonia. Currently I am dealing with +37 during the day, can you imagine that?? I love warm weather, but this... OMG it is too hot! I am seriously drinking 3 liters of water every day & trying to walk on the shadows like a vampire haha. But I like it anyways !

Since it is so hot here, I can't wear anything else just shorts & some t-shirt. I was planning on putting sandals, because sneakers are not the best option for this weather too, but I bought new flip flops and they hurt my foot a little bit, so I kinda have to wear sneakers or loafers for some time until my foot gets better.

So anyways - white shorts, simple dark blue t-shirt, white clutch ( which is actually a little pocket bag from my Primark black hadbag which you can see here, but who cares, right?! :) )  and blue sneakers - my most worn outfit in this weather. Hope you like this minimalistic look & I will see you soon!

Kisses, Inga

| top, clutch PRIMARK | shorts ZARA | shoes ADIDAS from DEICHMANN | 

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