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From day to night outfit

October 22, 2015


There are days when you leave home before 8AM and come back when clock arrow hits number 12 for the second time. Work, meetings, presentations, events, evening out with friends - a lot to do and no time to come back home and change outfits. 

Būna tokių dienų, kai iš namų išeini dar prieš 8 ryto, o grįžti laukrodžio rodyklei kertant skaičių 12 jau antrą kartą. Darbas, susitikimai, renginiai, taurė vyno su draugais – diena pilna visokios veiklos, o laiko grįžti namo ir persirengti nėra. Su tokia situacija susiduriu gana dažnai, tad ir šis įrašas apie tai.

Girl in heels and distressed denim

October 18, 2015

Today (aka Sunday) turned out to be quite nice and warm day, finally no rain, no wind, sunshine and +17 degrees, nice right? I was super happy and actually got super warm dressed up like that. I don't really know why, but every autumn & winter I get this wish to wear more heels. For summer and spring I like flats, sneakers, but the colder it gets, the more I want to put on heals. Anyone has the same thing? Or is it just me, haha? Anyway, still loving black & grays and it seems like it's gonna be "50 shades of gray" kinda autumn / winter outfits haha.  Oooh, and I just loooove the vibe my bralette gives to whole outfit. It really stands out and you don't even need any jewelry. What you think? Hope you like this 'bad ass girl' outfit!

Kisses, Inga

| shoes DEICHMANN | jeans, jacket STRADIVARIUS | cardigan NOWISTYLE | top H&M | bag PRIMARK | phone case SKINNYDIP LONDON |

Lush GODIVA shampoo bar

October 17, 2015

     Hi, today I want to talk about this particular LUSH shampoo bar. So recently I ran out of my beloved Macadamia shampoo, which I have been using for ages and started searching for replacement, since here in Macedonia you can't find any Macadamia products or some natural shampoos without sodium, silicone and so on. That's basically why I decided to go for Lush shampoo, because they are the most natural that you can get, unfortunately it still has sodium in it (which is not good for my keratin hair treatment, but oh well). 
      I already tried it 3 times and I have to tell you guys, I am pretty impressed and happy! 
      First of all - packaging. You have to buy this metal round tin separately from the shampoo, but it's cheap so not a problem and you will be using that container for long. I like that the shampoo is super small, like soap, but last for really long time. And small shampoo is perfect for me, because I am on the go a lot and need to care about liquids and weight in my luggage. So what I like abut this shampoo and packaging, that you can even carry it with you in a hand luggage.
     Second - smell. Godiva shampoo smells 100% like jasmine & I absolutely love smell of jasmine, so it is a win win for me. The smell stays on you hair for quite long time as well, so if you like jasmine too - go for it and if you don't, than it might be little annoying for you.
      So I was really surprised how well it cleans and conditions hair. Also, you don't need a lot of it! At first I thought it's gonna take a lot of time for me to shampoo my hair, because I have quite long hair, but with one rub of shampoo in between my hands it was enough for my whole hair, which is incredible compared with how much of a liquid shampoo I needed. 
      Anyway, I really love this shampoo, I love how it makes my hair feel, it makes my hair feel light, clean, conditioned and quite soft! I will use it for longer and if you are interested, will do one more, not first impression kinda review. Let me know in the comments! 

P.S. thank you Daria & Simona for recommendations ! 

Kisses, Inga

video: Sweater weather

October 13, 2015


October 9, 2015

Autumn is all about layering clothes, mixing and matching. This whole week was super rainy, gloomy and autumn depressing and because of that I had the need to feel that cosines and warmth. What else can make you feel cozy than super soft sweater and fluffy fur vest? I will definitely wear this combination a lot, because it is really 'me' kinda outfit. When it's gonna be colder, I will put a leather jacket under fur vest, but for now I really like this warm and still bright colored outfit. Oh and I think white Nikies went well in this look, what you guys think?

By the way, I know I said it million times already, but I can't believe how fast time goes. Like seriously. Can we press pause or slow motion button? I feel like life goes way too fast.. Anyway, I wish you all cozy and nice autumn! Talk to you soon!

Kisses, Inga

| shoes NIKE from DEICHMANN | jeans ZARA | sweater H&M | bag ALDO | 

Black is a happy color

October 7, 2015

Quick outfit update today. Black is a really happy color for me. I enjoy wearing black and all shades of gray colors & of course whites ! I really love this sweater that I bought a year ago. I love how versatile it is. When it's not too cold, like right now I like wearing it instead of a leather jacket. Because it does actually look more like some jacket than a sweater. When it gets colder, I layer it under a leather jacket and in winter I wear it under a coat. I love the fur side of it, I think it looks charming. Anyway, I really liked how every single piece in this outfit compliments each other. You already know that I like wearing basics, but don't you agree, that basics can be noticeable too? 

Kisses, Inga 

| top, jeans, sweater STRADIVARIUS | shoes ZARA | bag PRIMARK | 

Fall makeup

October 6, 2015

We all know that makeup and fashion is closely related and today I want to share with you my favorite autumn makeup.

First of all - dark red / burgundy color lipstick is not a new thing, but I have been loving it a lot this season and especially this season all the vampire, dark colored lips are super fashionable, so don't be shy and put a lipstick on! With dark lips I prefer some silver eye shadow and of course - winged eyeliner. 

This fall I say no to contour kits and yes to various blushes. Blushed look is super high on fashion this season! Naturally blushed looking cheeks, neutral color lip gloss, warm metal eye shadows will fit those of you who don't like bright lips and don't want to be too eccentric. 

What is your favorite makeup for this fall season? Let me know! 

Kisses, Inga