Black is a happy color

October 7, 2015

Quick outfit update today. Black is a really happy color for me. I enjoy wearing black and all shades of gray colors & of course whites ! I really love this sweater that I bought a year ago. I love how versatile it is. When it's not too cold, like right now I like wearing it instead of a leather jacket. Because it does actually look more like some jacket than a sweater. When it gets colder, I layer it under a leather jacket and in winter I wear it under a coat. I love the fur side of it, I think it looks charming. Anyway, I really liked how every single piece in this outfit compliments each other. You already know that I like wearing basics, but don't you agree, that basics can be noticeable too? 

Kisses, Inga 

| top, jeans, sweater STRADIVARIUS | shoes ZARA | bag PRIMARK | 

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