Fall makeup

October 6, 2015

We all know that makeup and fashion is closely related and today I want to share with you my favorite autumn makeup.

First of all - dark red / burgundy color lipstick is not a new thing, but I have been loving it a lot this season and especially this season all the vampire, dark colored lips are super fashionable, so don't be shy and put a lipstick on! With dark lips I prefer some silver eye shadow and of course - winged eyeliner. 

This fall I say no to contour kits and yes to various blushes. Blushed look is super high on fashion this season! Naturally blushed looking cheeks, neutral color lip gloss, warm metal eye shadows will fit those of you who don't like bright lips and don't want to be too eccentric. 

What is your favorite makeup for this fall season? Let me know! 

Kisses, Inga 

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