Winter walk with puppy

January 13, 2016

All dog owners will understand how much joy spending some time outside in the snow brings to our dogs. My puppy is just crazy for snow. He likes to run it it, lay in it, eat it, bark at it, you name it! For him it is nice to run around in this cold weather, but for me - comfortable & warm outfit is essential, so I could spend as much time as possible outside with my pup. And also even when walking the dog, you want to look stylish, right? So here is what I wore the other day while walking my puppy. I got inspired by nature and animals haha and I found this fur coat being all lonely in my closet so I decided to wear that together with khaki pants, sporty winter shoes and some winter accessories - hat, scarf. I put a belt on this coat because it is a bit loose to me. Anyway, I had really amazing time, I was warm, comfy and liked the way I looked! What do you guys wear when you go out in the nature with your dogs?
Kisses, Inga

1 comment on "Winter walk with puppy"
  1. Oh my gosh, your dog is precious! I just want to pet him through the photos!
    Love your fluffy attire too -- that coat is gorgeous and I love your jeans :)

    Sampz and Such