Is it Spring yet?

March 15, 2016

Finally Sunday was not just a regular calendar spring day, but the weather actually reminded of Spring. Therefore I went out to the city for some nice walks, for coffee and of course I had to grab my camera so I could get some pics of my spring-ish outfit for you guys!

And finally after a lot of planning I met with my dear Ruta! We had a lovely afternoon with lots of walking and even more laughing. Also she is a very talented photographer, so make sure to check her out here. And I have to say ginormous thank to her for making these beautiful pictures of me!

Now, let's take a look to my outfit. First of all, Spring is the best season for accessories - scarfs, sunnies, bracelets, earrings and what so ever. And I already found my favorites for this spring season - Zero UV sunglasses and two rose gold bracelets from The Peach Box (more about them here). Do you guys have any glasses from Zero UV or jewelry from The Peach Box? I was really amazed with the quality! How about you? Also I was super happy that I had a chance to wear this oldie but goodie ZARA jacket. Finally not a coat or warm parka - but a light (still warm though) jacket! I honestly missed warm and sunny days like crazy. The rain was starting to drive me crazy. Although, I shouldn't get too excited, because the weather guy said that bad weather will come back real soon... I really ant to start ignoring this weather and wear some bright colors like pink, white pants, bright metallic shoes and stuff. Would that look weird? 

Anyway, thats enough of talking for today, hope you like pics and you find them inspiring. And I will see you all very soon with new posts! 

Kisses, Inga

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