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March 13, 2016

Hey beauties ! So International women's day passed, but for sure it left something quite pretty and exciting behind that makes me super happy. I hope you all girls had a lovely day on March 8th. like I did. 

So I received this beautiful bouquet of tulips and then the post man came with a little package for me. And when I opened it... guys... I froze for like literally 10 minutes. I was just standing there and staring at the beauty of these two rose gold bracelets from The Peach Box. I am wearing them both every single day, because they look amazing, stylish, expensive and the quality is just absolutely amazing! For sure they will be my spring to go jewelry! 

I picked this skinny roman empress bangle (here) and suspended crystal bezel bracelet (here). To be honest with you, I was quite worried that they wont fit well, because I have the skinniest wrist you can imagine and usually all bangles and bracelets are too big for me. But these are made so well and they both fit me perfectly! And this made me even happier haha. Because finally I wound a place for jewelry that actually fits me.

Anyway, I feel like these two pieces will go well with a rose gold color watch as well ( need to get it soon!) and I think it will go perfectly with any outfit. Oh also, they come in super cute and fancy packaging! That looks quite awesome on a dressing table. Just pure perfection! 

Oh and I have a 15% off discount code tpb-innas_corner it is valid until the end of April, so use it if you are planning to buy something from The peach box! And I really highly recommend it because the quality is amazing. 

Kisses, Inga

4 comments on "The Peach Box jewelry "
  1. i absolutely love the roman numerals bracelet and it's so nice to hear that it actually fits your wrist! i have the same skinny wrist troubles haha

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE x

    1. it fits because its not totally round! And it the opening side!

  2. Did you have to pay taxes for customs from this jewelery?

    1. No, didn't had to pay it! It came really fast like in 1.5 or 2 weeks and it came straight to my post office :)