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Blossom pink

July 25, 2016

Hello guys! I know it's been ages since my last post. I will not try to find excuses for that. I can say that I was busy, that I was uninspired and caught in so many new things in life.. There were a lot of changes, but all the good ones, I think. And now I am finally off on vacation and ready to blog for you !

Yesterday we visited this cute place on the mountain of Macedonia. Basically it's a replica of old village. Small streets, beautiful stones houses, traditional restaurants - perfect spot for a little getaway. Also I am very excited because on wednesday I am going to Greece, where I will enjoy the sea, sun, heat.. Can't wait and for sure will keep you updated!

As for my outfit - I went very simple. White pants, pink top, leather epsadrilles (the comfiest shoes ever) and brown bag. Also, I can't wait to get more tanned. I feel like I am so pale right now haha. Can you imagine how good this white Lovein bracelet will look on tanned skin?