August makeup favorites

September 7, 2016

Another month has ended and it means just one - it's time for monthly favorites. I have been doing it some time ago, but I stopped and then many of you asked to bring this topic back to the blog, so here it is! I didn't really used too much of makeup or beauty products in August, because I was on a holiday and during my holiday I tired to keep my makeup and use of beauty products at minimum. Why? Because I felt like I need a bit of a break from all that stuff. Although on the evening nights out I still wore some of the makeup and so I will talk about them now.

So this lipstick by MAC is probably my most worn beauty product in whole month. I just love the color, it's perfect for summer, perfect for day and night time. The color is Coral Bliss and it's a cream sheen finish lipstick. It applies smoothly and nicely, stays one for quite good amount of time and is just absolutely gorgeous. What else.. Well, I wore it even on the beach while taking picks haha.

Of course I couldn't survive without a good mascara and perfect eyeliner. For some time now I have been using Lancome Grandiose mascara and eyeliner. First thing I love about these products is the packaging. It's very sleek, very stylish, expensive looking and absolutely gorgeous. Second - the job they do. During my vacay I wore this mascara pretty much every day. I went to the beach with Lancome Grandiose mascara on, I went to the pool, I stayed a lot on the sun, I sweat a lot and it still stayed right in place, din't smudged even though it's not a water proof mascara. So huge huge thumbs up. Also, the wand is very interesting, but applies the product well and the bended wand makes it more comfortable to apply. Same goes to the eyeliner. It stays on without smudging for quite long. And it's very precise, because of the ability to bend the wand to both sides - it is also very easy to use. And with this eyeliner I get the prettiest line ever!

And last, but not least - pressed powder + foundation from MAC.I have it in the color NC40. So during the summer I put all my liquid foundations and even BB creams to the side and use only this pressed powder, because I want my skin to feel fresh and light. And I feel like this powder gives the right amount of coverage, makes the skin look matte and smooth. Also, on hot days this powder stays on really well, so I am more than happy with it.

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