Corfu Snapshots

September 11, 2016

I know that my holiday was quite some time ago, but I really wanted to hare some more pics with you. I did showed you few of my holiday outfits, but I didn't really showed you some pics from the whole island nor did I told you more about where we were and what we so. So this post is all about the beauty of Greece called CORFU.

Corfu town and staircase to the sea
We were staying in a city called Kavos, so we went on a trip to a Corfu town (named same as the whole island) and I was very happy to see the staircase to the sea in real life. Why? Because I was seeing them on Pinterest over and over again and I literally dreamed about seeing them with my own eyes in real. And I did. And I am still happy about it because it's soooooo beautiful. And the old town of Corfu is just stunning. Little streets, coffee shops, antique and souvenir shops on the streets... You just really have to go there and see it for yourself, feel it for yourself. Life is not sleeping there.

The Cliff Beach
I have a thing for beaches. Clear crystal or deep blue seas and oceans makes me very happy. Nothing else helps me to relax more than being in a beach. So during our holiday we have visited few beautiful beaches and one of them, the one I liked the most - the cliff beach. Super clear water, rocks, cliffs... corals. AMAZING. It is a bit expensive in this beach, but totally worth going there.

Vidos island 
Also we took a boat trip to a little island called Vidos which is located very close to Corfu town. It has a Serbian mausoleum there. But in general the island is very beautiful and from there you can see the whole Corfu town.

We obviously visited more and explored more of the island, but the thing is that at the end of my holiday, an accident happened and my phone went for swimming in the sea haha and I had just these pictures left from my whole holiday so this is all what I can show to you! At least something, right?

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