Show off your sholders

September 3, 2016

Not sure why, but September is like a start of new year for me. It is the time when I make plans, when I think of some goals that I want to reach by the end of summer. Right now I have so many plans, so many things on my mind. Hopefully I will be able to make them come true. Oh and I am very happy that it's the second September when I don't have to go to university or school anymore. I really don't miss it at all and I am very satisfied with a "grownup" life. And talking about a grownup life - when you have a full time job sometimes you don't have time to get home after work to change and prepare for the evening out in a restaurant or pub, so you have to think of an outfit that would be perfect for work and for going out as well. On the other hand, my work doesn't put me in frames, I could actually come wearing a pyjama to work, but still. I feel like this outfit is so versatile - it's perfect for work, for going out to a restaurant, to a pub, club, it's even perfect for a date nigh! Oh, and off shoulders blouses are my new weakness. I think they show off the right amount of your skin. They make you look sexy, but not vulgar. Agree?

blouse Boohoo | pants Stradivarius | shoes Deichmann

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