Wishlist #1 : Bomber jackets and cozy knits

September 13, 2016

During this month you will find new topics on my blog, because I do really want to make my blog more useful and more interesting for you guys to read. I personally enjoy checking other bloggers wishlists or doses of inspirations so I decided to add such topics to my blog as well. So today I will start with this autumn wishlist. Its not big, but hey, it's just the beginning!

On my way to work, I do like to scroll through online shops websites and find some lovely pieces. You can easily search for some lovely pieces on YoShop app (here) or just go straight to some online stores you love. Yesterday I scrolled through Dresslily online shop and found bunch of amazing pieces and really wanted to share them with you all! So let's take a look to what I added to my wishlist.

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Cozy sweaters.
Well obviously that all of us like to snuggle in nice and cozy sweaters in autumn. I am not an exception and I love everything whats warm, fluffy and soft haha. And I really enjoy wearing button up sweaters. A sweater for me must be a bit longer - just above my bum. Why? Because it's much more nicer to snuggle when the sweater is longer. And during this season extra long sweaters are a must have!

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 Bomber jackets.
As you may know, bomber jackets were a hit in summer and they do stay very much in fashion during autumn season as well. Embroidered bomber jackets, baseball bombers, or camouflage print, simple one color silky bombers - all of them are on a huge trend. So if you don't already have a bomber jacket, you definitely must! And I know that sometimes it doesn't feel like paying a lot of money for one piece of clothing, therefore Dresslily offers a huge variety of inexpensive but well quality bomber jackets. And these three were my fav!
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Now it's not the time for plane and boring handbags. The crazier handbag - the better, they say. So pick one with some chain or ring details, or detailed with some funny patches and be stylish. My eyes caught these three lovely handbags. I am going crazy about the second one and really hoping I will get my hands on it very very soon.

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