All Black Everything - Daniel Wellington

December 15, 2016

I can not believe that only 9 days left to go until Christmas. I will not start telling you whole story why it is my favorite celebration & favorite time of the year. Instead I will talk a bit about a perfect present for the person you love. What is a better present than a timeless and elegant, very stylish watch which you can wear for many occasions? I can't think of any, that's why I want to introduce you to a Daniel Wellington classic black watch and rose gold classic cuff. 

I was more that happy to hear that Daniel Wellington releases their cuff collection. Because I knew they will be perfect, elegant & of course high quality. I picked one for myself in rose gold, because I am obsessed with roe gold & copper colours. So this cuff is just a pure perfection for my taste. Honestly, if you are searching for a little but fancy looking present for your mom, sister, girlfriend or grandma - highly recommend you this cuff. I am pretty sure it will fit anyone. You can also choose a silver color cuff and pick different size. I got in size small and I am super happy that it's not too big for my skinny wrist. 

I personally think that everyone should have at least one high quality watch that would go with everything & would look fancy. A beautiful watch gives a different vibe to your look. It immediately makes your outfit fancier & more stylish. And many of you know, that I am literally obsessed with black color & when I saw this classic all black watch with rose gold details I knew right away - this is the one. I am soo in love with this watch that I don't even know how to describe. I could say that it is literally a present of the year! So you loved one has mentioned even for once in their life, that they would like to have a beautiful watch - get them right now as Christmas present & make them as happy as I am having this watch! 

And since it's nearly Christmas, I want to give you a discount code for a 15% off the entire website. The code is INNAS and it's valid until 15th of January. Also, now there are some special Christmas offers on Daniel Wellington website & it is compatible with my promotion code! And you will also get a free gift wrapping. Sound too good? But it's true, so don't miss a chance and spread the love & happiness! 

My watch - Classic Back (Classic Sheffield) 40mm here  -
Cuff - Classic Cuff (Rose Gold) in size Small here -

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  1. awesome watches!

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